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Roku already has all the access to NFL Game Pass, NFL Network and NFL Redzone Etc. Those all products need a subscription plan.

But the good news is NFL also offers now Live service on Roku NFL Channel and it is available for all Roku customers.

NFL Game Pass

  • You can easily Livestream of NFL Coverage including trendy topics and stories. You can find the Livestream option on the left-hand side menu on the NFL channel.
  • NFL channel is totally free to add on Roku, but if you want to watch the NFL games or exclusive content then you must need to buy the subscription plan.
  • If you don’t have a subscription to NFL game pass then you get only limited access to NFL services.

NFL Game Pass on Roku

  • NFL Game Pass offers exclusive content to subscribers like you can watch live popular game shows, all episodes, games replay, all-season and many more.
  • NFL Game Pass Subscription cost is $99.99 only. You can also sign up from the Roku channel as well. We will provide you an official link below-

NFL Network & RedZone on Roku NFL Channel

  • You know that NFL Network is the best product because it offers you 24*7 and 365 days of Trendy News, NFL insights, world information, and latest events, etc.
  • In NFL Network you will also get 65 different types of preseason popular games.
  • RedZone is another product that offers every Sunday full live coverage of NFL Games. It also explains every aspect of the games based on the country.
  • If you want access to NFL Network and Redzone on your Roku device, first of all, you need to get access from any participating TV provider.
  • Participating include many streaming services like DirecTV, Sling TV, Fubo TV, etc. If you want to know your service provider given access to your Roku.

Follow the below step by step guide –

Quick Installation & Use NFL Channel on Roku

  • First of all, go to Roku home screen >> Go to streaming channels, find the search bar and type NFL
  • After search results appear to select the NFL channel and select on Add channel on Roku. After adding the channel it will appear at last on your Roku Home Screen.
  • To activate the channel, you need to launch NFL Channel on your Roku >> select settings from the menu >> select the sign-in account and follow the guidance
  • CBS All Access – If you want to get access to NFL by CBS then visit on NFL official website and enter the code that appears in the Roku channel on the website, you can also log into CBS All Access account for login or activation.
  • Participating Pay-TV Provider – To get NFL network and RedZone access, you need to visit at NFL official website, enter the appear code in the Roku channel and select your pay-TV service provider or you can also search it.
  • If your Pay TV service provider not showing in the list or not appear after search then it does not allow their viewers to access NFL Network and RedZone.
  • Note: You must add NFL Network in your Pay-TV Provider subscription in order to access the NFL network via Roku NFL.
  • NFL Game Pass on Roku – To get full access on NFL Game Pass >> sign in or visit NFL Official website, enter the code appear in Roku channel on the website, and sign in to your NFL Game pass Account.

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