Amazon Echo Dot/Alexa Won’t Connect to Wi-Fi | Fix Wi-Fi Issues

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  • Amazon Echo Dot Won’t Connect to Wi-Fi
  • Alexa Won’t Connect to Wi-Fi
  • Echo Won’t connect to Wi-Fi
  • Echo Dot Won’t connect to Wi-Fi
  • Amazon Echo Dot not connecting to Wi-Fi
  • Echo not connecting to Wi-Fi
  • Alexa not connecting to Wi-Fi

Amazon Echo Dot or Alexa is the most popular and demanding devices in the US market. Amazon Echo Dot/Alexa devices are controlled by voice commands.

You can easily ask anything to your Echo/Alexa device like news, songs, questions & answers, and many more.

Amazon Echo Dot/Alexa also have many features like these device can handle your home lights, fans, AC and many things.

For Example:

If you want to turn on the room lights then simply say Hey Echo or Hey Alexa turn on the room lights.

But without the internet, you can’t use the Amazon Echo/Alexa device, and sometimes these devices can’t connect to Wi-Fi.

Are you facing Wi-Fi issues on your Echo/Alexa device? Is your Echo/Alexa device is not responding?

Don’t worry my friend we provide you best troubleshooting steps so that you can easily fix Echo Dot Won’t connect to Wi-Fi issues by yourself on your Echo Dot/Alexa devices.

Let’s Get Started…

How to Fix Amazon Echo Dot/Alexa Won’t Connect to Wi-Fi

Follow the below given quick troubleshooting guide:

Check Your Internet Connection

  • First, check your internet connection is working or not.
  • Use any other device to check the internet connection.
  • Check your internet speed or run an internet speed test.
  • Check your wireless network signal strength because Amazon Echo Dot/Alexa needs good signal strength.
  • If your internet is working properly, then maybe your device has hardware issues.

Restart Your Amazon Echo Dot/Alexa Device

  • Restart is the basic and most important troubleshooting step.
  • Restart your Echo Dot/Alexa device to solve the wi-Fi issue
  • Turn off your Echo/Alexa device and wait for 60 seconds then turn it on.
  • After turn on the device now check the internet.

Confirm Wi-Fi Password

  • Make sure that you entered the right password of your local network.
  • Check your password and fill the same password in any other device to check.
  • If a password is right and Echo/Alexa not connecting to WiFi, then follow the below steps.

Restart your Wi-Fi Router and Modem

  • Sometimes router and modem create issues due to heat.
  • Restart your router and modem manually
  • Plug out both devices from power and wait for 4 to 5 minutes
  • After a wait, power back the devices and try Echo/Alexa is connecting to the internet or not.

Improve Signal Strength

  • If your Amazon Echo Dot/Alexa is not catching the Wi-Fi signal, then you need to put your router closer to the device.
  • Put your Echo/Alexa device closer to your router
  • Make sure there is no wall between both of them.

Reset Your Amazon Echo Dot/Alexa Device

  • Reset is the best troubleshooting step to fix the Wi-Fi issues on Echo/Alexa devices.
  • Reset your Amazon Echo Dot/Alexa third generation by the press and hold the active button for 30 seconds and the orange light will blink.
  • Orange light and then blue light it means you can now set up your Echo/Alexa device.
  • To reset Amazon Echo Dot/Alexa 2nd generation press and hold the microphone off and volume down buttons for 30 seconds and then orange light will blink it means your device is now reset.
  • Reset Echo Dot/Alexa first generation simply press the reset button that will be located at the bottom of your Amazon Echo Dot device.

Reset Your Router

  • Reset your router by pressing the reset button located at your router.
  • After reset wait for 3 minutes to set up the router completely.

Contact Amazon Echo Dot/Alexa Official Technical Support

If nothing is work for you and you are still facing the Amazon Echo Dot/Alexa won’t connect to the Wi-Fi issue then contact the official technical support team.

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