Amazon Fire Stick Unable to Connect to Amazon Services

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  • Amazon Fire Stick Unable to Connect to Amazon Services
  • Fire Stick Unable to Connect to Amazon Services
  • Amazon Fire Stick not connecting to Amazon Services
  • Amazon Prime Video Troubleshooting
  • Advanced Troubleshooting for Amazon Fire Stick Unable to Connect to Amazon Services

Is your Amazon Fire Stick Unable to Connect to Amazon Services? Or you facing issues with your Amazon Fire Tv/Stick?

If your Amazon Fire Stick Unable to Connect to Amazon Services and can’t connect to Amazon services.

Well, there are many reasons behind these issues. But don’t worry we provide you full troubleshooting guide to fix this issue by yourself.

People Also Ask

Why does my Firestick say Unable to connect to Amazon services?
If your fire stick says unable to connect to Amazon services then you need to restart your amazon fire stick or TV and restart your wireless router. Also, reset your network settings for a quick fix.

Why is my Firestick not connecting to the server?
Amazon Firestick not connecting to amazon services or server? well, you need to check your internet connection, signal strength, software updates & restart the device. Sometimes, restart perform as the best troubleshooting step to solve this kind of issue.

How to Fix Amazon Fire Stick unable to connect to Amazon Services

Follow this troubleshooting guide:

Change Security Settings From Router

  • Change your security setting from the router.
  • If your router settings set to “AES” then your fire stick will not connect to Amazon services.
  • Open your browser and go to & login (Username: Admin, Password = Password)
  • Now go to connectivity >> Wi-Fi >> Edit Security
  • You can see the full list of security types and change your router security settings from AES to “TKIP” Encryption.
  • TKIP security settings will change the network settings and generate new encryption.

If your Fire Stick still not working or showing a message like home is currently unavailable.

It shows a message on your TV screen Amazon Firestick unable to connect to Amazon services. Then follow these steps:

Check Internet connection and signal strength

  • Check your internet connection speed and it is working properly or not.
  • Check your wireless network signal strength because Amazon Fire Stick needs good signal strength to connect to Amazon Services.
  • Run an internet speed test
  • Put your router closer to your Amazon Fire Stick to improve the signal strength.

Restart Amazon Fire Stick and Router

Restart Fire Stick
  • To fix these issues restart your Fire Stick
  • To restart with the remote press and hold select + play/pause button for 10 seconds to restart.
  • Or choose the restart option from settings >> Device >> Restart
  • Restart your router just plug out from power and plug it back after 3 minutes.

If you are facing issue with Amazon prime video then follow this guide:

You need to clear app data and cache to resolve this issue.

Check the network settings and clear cache:

clear app cache fire stick
  • Open Settings from Menu
  • Select the Prime Video Application
  • Click on clear data option and clear all the cache
  • Click on Force stop
  • Delete all App data
  • with the help of these troubleshooting guides, you can fix this issue including Error 13.

Advanced troubleshooting to solve the Amazon Fire Stick unable to connect to Amazon services issue:

Simply deregister your account that attached to Amazon Fire Stick and then sign in again to solve this issue.

Deregister your Account

  • Go to setting >> My Account >> Amazon Account
  • Select a deregister option. After deregistering your account
  • Click on I already have an Amazon Account
  • Sign in with your Amazon Account and select continue.
  • Save W-Fi passwords to Amazon, click on YES.

Other Troubleshooting steps to fix this Amazon Fire Stick unable to connect to Amazon Services:

  • Check the cable that connects to your Amazon devices.
  • Re-check your wireless or Wi-Fi password.
  • Make sure there is no wall or something that blocks your Wi-Fi signals.
  • Restart fire stick, router, and modem.

Or you can contact with the Amazon Fire Stick official technical support.

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