How To Fix Amazon FireStick Keeps Freezing and Buffering Issues

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  • Amazon FireStick Keeps Freezing
  • Amazon FireStick Buffering Issues
  • Why Does My FireStick Keep on Freezing
  • Reasons behind Amazon Fire Stick Freezing and Buffering issues
  • How to Fix Amazon FireStick Keep Freezing
  • How to Fix Amazon FireStick Buffering Issues

Amazon Firestick is a highly famous and most reputed video streaming device in the market. It is very easy to use and easy to understand the device.

Amazon Firestick supports thousands of applications included third party apps and many more. Amazon tries it’s best to deliver a superb streaming experience to Firestick users.

But sometimes many users facing freezing and buffering issues on Amazon firestick. If you are facing the same issues on your firestick then follow our troubleshooting guide.

First of all, you need to know about the causes and reasons behind Amazon firestick keep freezing or Buffering issues.

Reasons behind Freezing & Buffering Issues on Amazon FireStick

  • Very Poor Internet Connection: These video streaming devices need high-speed internet speed like 10mbps to 20Mbps. If your internet speed is poor then you are facing freezing and buffering issues.
  • Poor Wi-Fi Signal Strength: Signal strength playing an essential role in your firestick device. So keep in mind that don’t put your modem too far from your amazon device. Weak signal power causes freezing and buffering issues.
  • Running Too Many Background Process: If your FireStick running too much process in background. So these issues can easily kill your internet speed and make your fireStick processing super slow.
  • Low RAM & Storage: Maybe your Amazon FireStick running low on storage or running too many apps. So check your device RAM
  • Amazon FireStick Overheating: If your fireStick is overheating then you will face the freezing and buffering issues.
  • Old Software(OS): Maybe your firestick running on old software that is why you are facing buffering and freezing issues.

So these all are the causes of freezing and buffering issues on Amazon FireStick. Now we will talk about –

How to fix Amazon FireStick Keeps freezing and buffering issues on FireStick.

Restart Your Amazon FireStick

  • If you are unable to understand the exact issue then restarting your firestick is one of the best troubleshooting methods of all time.
  • For Restart first, go to settings>>My Fire TV>>click on the restart and then confirm.  
Restart Fire Stick

Check Your Local Network Internet Speed

  • Internet speed is the most important part of firestick because without good internet speed your device unable to run smoothly or not working properly.
  • So check your internet speed or run an internet speed test or you can test your internet speed on any other device.
  • You need a minimum of 10MBPS speed to run your firestick properly.
  • Restart your Wi-Fi Router and modem to fix internet speed issues.

Try to improve Internet Signal Strength

  • For the smooth and best experience on Amazon Firestick, you need to increase the signal strength because it is very important.
  • To check signal strength go to settings>>Network>>on your Wi-Fi address you can see the signal strength option at the right side.
  • If your signal strength signal is very good that is good news for you but if it is not then put your modem closer to a device.
  • You can use the 20Feet distance between your Amazon FireStick and Modem.
  • If your modem is too far then you need to use a Wi-Fi extender for a smooth experience.

Use Ethernet Cable for Smooth Experience

  • Ethernet cable works much better then wireless connection because cable connection is much stronger than Wi-Fi.
  • Ethernet cable also boost the signal strength and provide you great internet speed.

Clear the Device RAM

  • Low RAM space is the main cause behind Amazon firestick freezing and buffering issues.
  • FireStick comes with 1GB RAM and 4K comes with 1.5GB. Because of the low RAM capacity, the memory is taken up very quickly.
  • So you need to clear the RAM and need to close all background processes.
  • To resolve this issue you need to install an app that is called Background apps & process list and this app will help you to clear the RAM quickly.
  • After installing this app you need to open it and this app will show you all running apps on the screen.
  • To close all apps you can see a Close All Apps button on the left side. Just click on it and it will kill all the apps from RAM.
  • Or you can also Force Stop the app manually.

Clear Cache and Data of Apps

clear app cache fire stick
  • Clearing the cache and old data will help you with the freezing and buffering on Amazon FireStick.
  • It will also help you to free up your device storage. You can also clear the data of a particular app to its default factory settings.
  • To clear the cache and data go to settings>>Applications>>open manage installed apps>>
  • Now you can see the list of all installed apps. Now you need to open the app with freezing or buffering issues.
  • After clicking on the app, you can see clear data and clear cache options on the ride side. So just click on it and clear the data and cache of the app to fix the issues.

Reset Fire Stick to its Default Settings

  • To fix the buffering issues on Amazon Firestick you can reset your device to its default settings.
  • Sometimes device settings occur some buffering problems so factory reset is necessary to fix this issue.
Factory reset fire stick

Check for Updates on your Amazon FireStick

  • Software update is very important process because new software comes with bug fixes.
  • So check your device for OS updates
  • To check for updates go to settings>>my Fire TV>>About>>click on check for updates.
  • If any update version is visible on your screen then download it and install it to fix the issues.
Check For Updates Fire Stick

Avoid Overheating Problem

  • If you are facing overheating issues on your Amazon FireStick then first of all you need to turn on your firestick for 20 to 30 minutes and let it cool down.
  • After that, you need to change your device place because maybe your FireStick getting not any air and it’s getting overheating.
  • Make sure that your fireStick getting some air of your Fan or Air condition so that its temperature stays normal.

So these are the troubleshooting steps and you need to follow these steps to fix the freezing and buffering issues on Amazon FireStick.

If still you are facing buffering or freezing issues on Amazon FireStick then contact FireStick official customer support for troubleshooting.

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