How to Change Printer Offline Status: Step by Step Guide

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Printers are one of the most widely used devices across the world. There are different manufacturers of printers that deliver the best printers in the market. These printers come with different features and functions to make it all further easy for the users. The printers are designed to make your day work easy.

However, while using the printers many times you may come across issues while using the printer. The printers like any other electronic device are prone to errors and issues. However, this problem can be easily resolved if you follow the basic troubleshooting solutions.

One of the most common problems that you may come across while using a printer is the ‘printer offline’ issue. If you are seeing this error on the digital panel of your printer then you need to change the status of the printer to online otherwise it will just not work. There are several reasons why you may come across this problem. That is why in this blog we are going to discuss in detail the solutions that you can try to fix printer offline error. However, if the problem is unresolved or you need an immediate solution then get in touch with the printer technical support team for help and assistance.

What is Printer Offline Status?

Even with the most advanced features incorporated in printers, it is quite common to experience issues while using the printer. Printer offline is one such common error that may occur while you are using a printer.

Printers can quite annoying to handle when they show some kind of error.  Printer offline status means that the printer is unable to establish a connection with the printer and as a result, it is showing the offline status.

How to Fix Printer Offline Issue?

Here are the things that you can do if the printer is showing offline status. However, if you need an immediate solution then get in touch with the printer technical support team for help and assistance.

Check the Printer

You need to make sure that the printer is connected properly to the connections. Make sure to check the indicator light to check of the printer is connected or not.  You can try restarting the printer to fix the offline error.

Check the Printer Drivers

Other reasons why you may come across printer offline issue while using the printer is if the drivers are not compatible, corrupted or outdated. So you need to check if the drivers need an update or not. If you need to update the drivers then get it done immediately. You can also seek help from the experts to update the drivers step by step.

Wired Connection

If the printer and the computer are connected using an Ethernet cable then you need to make sure that the wires are not damaged and they are working properly. Also, check the connections and make sure the wires are connected to the right port. Try unplugging and plugging the wires again to make sure there is no problem.

 Wireless Connection

If the printer is connected to a wireless connection then make sure there is no problem with the connection. First of all, check the wireless adapter and also make sure that the printer and computer are not very far away. Try resetting the wireless signal of the printer to fix any issue.

Solutions to Change Printer Offline Status to Online

Here are some of the basic solutions that you can follow to resolve the offline status of your printer. However, make sure to follow these steps very carefully.

Perform a Restart

One of the quickest ways to resolve printer related issues is to restart the device. Simply turn off and then turn on the printer. It can help in fixing technical glitches that may result in printer issues. A restart can be very helpful if all of a sudden your printer started showing offline status. Simply press and hold the power button and wait until the device turns off and then remove the power cable. Now wait for a few minutes and then plug in the power cable and press the power button to turn it on. Wait until the printer reboots completely. Now, runs a test print to see if the error is resolved or not.

Set as Defaulter Printer

You can also set the printer as default to fix printer offline issue. All you need to do is click on the Start button then on the computer and then click on the Devices and Printers. Now the printer option appears on the screen right-click on it to ‘set as default printer’.

Check the Connections

 Another most common reason for this error is if there is an issue with the connections. The offline status may refer that the printer is not connected to the computer. If the printer is connected to the computer using a USB connection, then try plugging the cable on some other USB port and if it does not work then you can try replacing the cable connection. However, if you are using a wireless connection then you can resolve this by resetting the wireless connection.

Other Fixes you can try

There can be some minor issues that may be resulting in printer offline error. Paper jamming is one of the reasons why you are seeing the printer offline issue. Another reason a printer may show offline status is if the ink or the toner is empty. You can fix these issues by getting in touch with the printer technicians.

If the solutions mentioned above are not able to fix the problem then get in touch with the official printer technical support team for help and guidance. They will help in fixing the problem immediately so that you can use the printer without any hassle or issue.

Printer offline is a common problem that you may have to face while using a printer from any brand. However, you need to fix this issue immediately otherwise it just won’t work. If the solutions mentioned above are not able to resolve the offline status of the printer then seek help from the professionals.
Get in touch with the official printer technicians to resolve printer offline issue right away.

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