Netflix Not Working? Roku, Fire Stick, Smart TV, Xbox One

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Is your Netflix Not Working? You see the app is crashing, unable to stream the content properly, wireless connection issues, black or frozen screen, unable to play anything Etc.

Sometimes the internet and third party hardware create some issues. Don’t worry about this troubleshooting guide. You can easily fix this issue by yourself.

In this guide, we cover below given topics:

  • Netflix Not Working
  • Why Netflix Not Working
  • Netflix Not working on Roku
  • Netflix Not working on Smart TV
  • Netflix Not working on Amazon Fire TV or Fire Stick
  • Netflix Not working on Xbox One, PlayStation
  • Netflix Not working on Apple TV
  • Netflix Not Working on PC, Tablet, Phone or Laptop

General Troubleshooting Steps: Netflix Not Working

  • If Netflix not working on your device or unable to load any film or show then maybe the Netflix server is actually down?
  • To check the server issue, open the YouTube app on your device.
  • If it is working properly and fine, then it means Netflix’s main server is down.
  • The second step you need to do is just restart your device to fix the minor bugs or error. Restart is the best way to troubleshoot any device.
  • The third step is to check your wireless connection. First of all, check the signal strength and speed of the internet by using it on another device.
  • Check your connection on other devices like mobile or laptop Etc. After confirming the internet is working properly or not.
  • You may also need to restart your router. Simply plug out router from power and wait for 2-3 minutes, then plug it back in a power socket.
  • Keep in mind apps needs to be updated all the time to work properly. So check your Netflix app it is working on the latest version or not. If not then update the app.
  • Check your smart TV or any device that you are using to update the operating system software.
  • To fix the Netflix not working issue, logout from your account and re-login to your account.
  • If you still facing the same issues, then uninstall the Netflix app from your device and reinstall it by downloading it again from the official app store.
  • Check your Netflix account subscription also, maybe you forget to renew your plan.
  • If you are using Netflix on multiple devices like your laptop, mobile, smart TV Etc. Then sign out your account from all devices completely to fix the issue.
  • Sometimes using one account on multiple devices may cause errors.

Netflix Not Working on Roku: Quick Fix

Are you facing issues that Netflix is not working on Roku? Well, sometimes these video streaming apps are stopped working due to small technical issues.

There are many issues behind the app is not working, so don’t panic. We will help you to troubleshoot your issue by yourself with our guide.

First of all we tell you the number of issues that can occurred.

For Example –

  • Roku Troubleshoot Problems
  • Maybe a Roku Remote problem
  • Maybe Netflix has some error issues
  • Internet or Wireless Network Connection issues
  • Modem Issues
  • Software Issues etc.

Follow these troubleshooting steps for all devices like Roku, Fire TV/Stick, Smart TV, Xbox One

Check Your Wireless Connection Settings

  • First of all, you need to check your wireless network setting and check the network is connected with your device or not.
  • Maybe your Roku device just lost or dropping the internet connection. Don’t worry and go to your home screen, and enter in settings of your device.
  • Now find network settings and click on it. Here you can easily check your internet connection properly or test it.
  • After testing if the internet is working fine, then you need to check your router because sometimes the router gets heated and stopped working properly.
  • To check your router just plug out your router from the power source and wait for 5 minutes and then a plugin.
  • Or you can also hard reset your router, a reset button will give on your router so just press it or hold it for 10 seconds for resetting.
  • If your router is working fine, then you can go for Ethernet or use a wired connection to check the blunder.

Check Software Updates

  • The software update is necessary for your devices because it fixes hundreds of bugs and errors properly.
  • Check your updates in your Roku device or Netflix App in the settings
  • Go to settings menu >> Select the system options
  • Then find the software update option and enter it.
  • Simply click on the check now for updates option and your device will check if any update is available it will download.
  • After Roku device software checking, you also need to check updates for your Netflix app.

Reboot or Restart Your Roku Device

  • Sometimes hardware and software can’t function properly due to some errors and bugs.
  • So for troubleshooting, you need to restart your Roku device by unplugging it from the power source for 30 seconds and then plugin it again.
  • After restarting wait for 2 minutes and then start your Netflix App.

Check your Netflix Account Subscription

Sometimes we totally forget about the Subscription plan or renew it. So check your Netflix account and check your subscription plan.

Uninstall and Reinstall the Netflix App if Netflix Not Working on Your Roku

  • If things are not working well for you, then the simple and easiest way to troubleshoot is you need to uninstall the Netflix App from your Roku device.
  • After uninstall, download the Netflix app again in your Roku and reinstall it.
  • Just all these troubleshooting steps and your issue will be resolved.

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