Roku Error Code 014.40, 014.50, 014.30, 014.20 Fix

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Are you facing some errors on your Roku Device like – Roku Error code 014.40, error code 014.50, Error code 014.30, Error code 014.20?

If you are facing issues with your Roku device and an error message is appeared  (Error Code 014.40) on your screen.

014.40 Error code is a simple sign that your Roku does not connect to your wireless connection or it may be dropping the internet.

  • When Roku unable to connect to wireless connection then it shows this 014.40 error code on your screen.
  • If your Roku shows (Error code 014.50) on your screen, it means your Roku player is not connected to the internet or Wi-Fi network. So how to fix it?

Well, don’t worry you need to follow below given troubleshooting steps to fix it.

Let’s Get Started…

If you see a red (X) then you need to reboot your router and after rebooting check the wireless connection password properly.

For rebooting router follow these steps –

  • First unplug your router from the power source and wait for 60 seconds. After that plug in it again.
  • After plugin, your router will be turned on and you need to change your wireless security to WPA-PSK for network security reasons or you can change old password.

How to connect your Roku to a new wireless connection? Follow these easy steps

  • First of all, turned on your Roku device
  • After power on, go to device settings >> Network settings >> Wireless/Wi-Fi settings
  • After select the Wi-Fi settings option, click on set up a new Wi-Fi connection
  • Roku device will search for an available network, then you need to choose your wireless network from available networks.
  • After choosing, click on that network and enter the right password.
  • After successful password verification, the device will show a green light. It means you can successfully be connected to a new Wi-Fi network.
  • If Roku Error Code 014.40 occur again on your device. Then you need to check for software updates on your Roku.
  • Go to the settings menu, find the updates option and select it.
  • Click on check for updates now and if any update is available Roku will automatically download it.
  • After the update, the Roku, keep in mind that restart is a must. So simply plug out Roku from power and wait for 60 seconds then plugin it again and all errors will be resolved.  

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